Here are some of the partners who have helped make some good things happen.


Our longest partner and a model of success in securing and advancing trail access and bike friendly land protection. They know how to keep it all real and fun is a big part of who they are too. They are the other half at the notorious Kona-IMBA Fun Raiser. You can connect with the IMBA community through any one of their 650 affiliate MTB clubs or register for trail news and updates at IMBA.com


A long standing and excellent organization that is doing great things for New England. We met them through their visionary Vietnam trail purchase. Mountain bike trails are now there to ride forever.


Kingdom Trails is a charitable non-profit conservation organization, driven by a volunteer Board of Directors, working in partnership with private landowners, local businesses, government agencies and other non-profit organizations to create and manage out-door recreation opportunities and preserve and protect trails. Kingdom Trail Association was formed to create legal access to these trails and manage the system.

BHMBA (Black Hills Mountain Bike Association)

The Black Hills Mountain Bike Association is a 14 year old group dedicated to the "promotion of mountain biking in the Black Hills of SD". For many years that has meant simply holding a handful of races on local existing trails on public Forest Service and BLM lands. But in recent times, BHMBA has expanded it roll to pro-actively build trails and facilities for mountain biking. BHMBA still holds races and rides, maintains existing trais, and has created several miles of new trails, built from scratch that help to show the public and land managers what we are cabable of. This growth and expansion will only become exponential as BHMBA works to make the Black Hills an IMBA Ride Center (eventual Ride Center designation is the ultimate goal, but our efforts will remain with or without the designation).

The BHMBA used the Kona/IMBA FreeRide Grant, Bikes Belong Grant and other public fundraising leading to the construction of a free to the public Dirt Jump Park along the bike path in Rapid City. Tons of fun and growth for all levels of mountain bikers.


Grassroots building is what drives today’s Freeride and Downhill biking communities. Trails are built from the ground up. The same goes for the Whatcom Trails CO-OP. A community of builders dedicated to the sustainable design and construction of trails in Whatcom County, USA.
Networking together our builder’s community has resulted in trails with more diversity with less conflict. Our continuing goals of access to information and resources will allow for the trail building community to get work done efficiently. As well as giving our freeride builders and riders a sounding board for an unheard voice. Visit WhatcomTrails.com, the community needs you!


WWF and Kona started working together early 2008 and have been working on the creation of the Bikepark Environmental Guidelines and are jointly developing a sustainability action plan for KONA Europe's "One Planet Office" in Switzerland based on the WWF's One Planet Living principles of sustainability (www.panda.org/opl).