Africa Bike reviewed in the Seattle Times

The bike rolls comfortably on long cruises, and is nimble enough for the stop-and-go of the city

Africa Bike reviewed on road.cc

A classic, and a bargain, every home should have one

Africa Bike - rower.com (polish)

Africa bike – rower z przeslaniem. Africą możesz dojeżdżać zarówno do pracy jak i po zakupy. Świetnie nadaje się do jazdy w mieście

2009 Bass reviewed on whistlermountainbike.com

The Bass was super fun to ride, with the short chain stays it showed us new lines on trails that we hadn't seen before.

2009 Bass reviewed in BIGBIKE

Le velo excelle par sa tolerance et sa facilite sur les sauts, ideal pour les lignes rapides et engagees en bike park.

2009 Bass reviewed in Mountain Biking UK

£1000 gets you a lot of bike that will thrash the dirt jumps and stand up to slopestyle.

Blast Deluxe reviewed in MBR Magazine

...Inspires plenty of confidence when letting it all hang out...a sprightly-feeling ride.

2009 Coilair Deluxe reviewed in Mountain Bike Plus (dutch)

vanaf 2000 Euro koop je een redelijke Enduro. Wil je er meer mee klimmen (en dus een lichtere bike dan zit je eerder in de 3000 Euro-klasse).

2009 Coilair Deluxe reviewed in Outside magazine

We found ourselves grinding up difficult climbs in search of descents that would push it to its limits (we couldn't find any)

2009 CoilAir Supreme reviewed in BIGBIKE

C'est une super bike d'enduro, hyper amusant a piloter grace a sa grande vivacite et maniabilite, et efficace grace a ses excellentes suspensions. Le fonctionnement du Magic Link est imperceptible dans le feu de l'action.

2009 CoilAir Supreme reviewed in Decline

The pedaling capabilities and variable geometry give the bike a broad range of use, but the CoilAir's true calling is bombing rugged downhill terrain

2009 CoilAir Supreme reviewed on x-aces.com (german)

Kona CoilAir Supreme 2009 – ein sehr vielseitiges Bike, welches durch das Magic Link System sein Potential sowohl beim Uphill als auch beim Downhill spürbar verbessert. Mit dem Kona CoilAir Supreme bekommt der Käufer somit ein wirklich sehr vielseitiges Bike, das bergab mehr Reserven bietet, ohne bergauf langsamer zu werden, zumindest bei einem runden Tritt.

Cowan Lock-On-Grips reviewed in Mountain Biking UK

Very soft and grippy with excellent extra length

2009 Dawg Supreme reviewed on cyclingnews.com

this is a not a bike to be handled gently, it likes to be grabbed by the scruff of its neck and hauled into place – and then whoops down like a two-wheeled armchair , soaking up everything in its path.

2009 Dawg Supreme reviewed in Tutto MTB Magazine

Le nuovo Dawg 2009 sono gia arrivate nei punti vendita kona, pensando di fare cosa gradita agli appassionati abbiamo approfittato della disponibilita di una Dawg Supreme per realizzare il nostro test in anteprema

2009 Dawg Supreme reviewed in BIGBIKE

Le velo colle parfaitement au programme, a l'aise sur les terrains technique, autant en montee qu'en descente, ou il se montre aussi ludique qu'efficace. Un all-mountain tres reussi, pour les adeptes des sorties musclees en montagne.

2009 Dawg Supreme reviewed in CICLISMO (IT)

"Bella bike, leggera e divertente. Ottima per un uso Back Country e All Mountain anche esasperato!!"

2009 Dawg Supreme reviewed in Mountain Biking UK

A bike that feels right from the off and let's you just get on with the business of thrashing it.

2009 Dawg Supreme reviewed on gear.com

Every Kona I've ridden has just plain worked and worked well.

2009 Dawg Supreme - Forum.it (italian)

la prima cosa che colpisce togliendo la bici dal cartone è il peso contenuto. Siamo infatti a quota 12.8 Kg, un buon risultato per una AM dall'escursione piuttosto generosa - la sospensione posteriore, sensibile e sempre perfettamente incollata al terreno - la Dawg si dimostra agile e divertente

2009 Dawg Supreme reviewed on feedthehabit.com

you'll instantly fall in love with the way the Dawg simply devours the downhill.

Dawgma reviewed in bike mag

the Dawgma never felt over its head, no matter how hard I pushed it

Five-O Deluxe reviewed in Mountain Biking UK

The Five-O is a great play bike that's extremely competant on XC trails. It's happy on hard, fast descents and can handle moderate abuse too.

Freddy Jacket / Eddy Pant reviewed on FRAKTUR (german)

Flott auf'm Spot! Warum Kona und Nicht-Kona-Fahrer einen Blick auf

Hei Hei 2-9 Deluxe reviewed on feedthehabit.com

Maybe this should be called the Woo Hoo 2-9 because this bike is a complete hoot on the trails

Hei Hei reviewed in What Mountain Bike

This is a very rapid & enjoyable ride.

Hei Hei reviewed on bikeradar.com

An ultralight bike that delivers tight, sting-reducing speed with bags of potential for upgrading

Honky Tonk reviewed on bikeradar.com

Cool, retro ride for those happy to sit back and chill

Test Kona Humu FRAKTUR

Kona Humu 2009 - Woher kommt der Name und was das Bike sonst noch kann ... ein Testbericht von Fraktur Magazin Deutschland

King Kahuna (2-9ER) reviewed on bikeradar.com

One of the best wagon wheelers we've ridden

King Kahuna (2-9ER) reviewed in Mountain Biking UK

Excellent - One of the best wagon wheelers we've ridden.

King Kahuna (2-9ER) reviewed on mtnbikeriders.com

...a durable well rounded bike that can withstand some hard trail riding while also easily slipping into the racer mode if you so desired.

Kula Deluxe reviewed in What Mountain Bike

A phenomenally committed climbing and race bike that's impressive on descents too.

Kula Deluxe reviewed on bikeradar.com

A phenomenally committed climbing and race bike that's impressive on descents too

Kula reviewed in What Mountain Bike

Out of the box the ride feel is sweet.

Lisa 120 Deluxe reviewed on dirtragmag.com

I was pleasantly surprised to find this bike felt instantly familiar and comfortable.

Lisa TR reviewed on bikeradar.com

Every tester who rode this bike – from novice to experienced triathlete – felt immediately confident in the ride position

Lisa TR reviewed in 220 Triathlon

The Kona Lisa is a solid investment and holds its own at this pricepoint.

Major Jake reviewed on bicycling.about.com

Whether you race cyclocross or just want to take to the woods without having to lug a heavy old clunker mountain bike, Kona's Major Jake is a good choice

Minxy reviewed on mtbr.com

a far and refreshing cry from the stereo-typical women's bike

Minxy reviewed in MountainBike Rider (german)

Black is beautiful – Mountainbike Rider Magazin testet Kona's Freeride Bike, das Minxy

One20 reviewed on bikeradar.com

Slack but balanced budget bouncer is a blast.

One20 Deluxe reviewed in BIGBIKE

Le velo se tourne vers une pratique sportive plus XC que rando, dont la position allongee est parfaite pour rouler vite sur le plat et en montee.

Paddy Wagon reviewed on roadcyclinguk.com

Kona's Paddy Wagon manages to stand out with a bold look which is backed up by a decent frame and competent handling.

Stab Supreme reviewed in BIGBIKE

C'est une arme en competition, dote de suspensions efficaces et concu pour rouler vite. Il est plus taille pour les parcours rapides que pour les parcours lents et techniques. Il est fait pour les riders qui recherchent un velo tres stable et tres bien suspendu.

Stinky Air reviewed in Ciclismo magazine

Stinky Air è una delle novità "forti" della gamma Kona 2009.

Stinky Air reviewed in BIGBIKE

Ce cadre est excellent, avec une bonne geometrie et au comportement tres joueur, ideal pour les riders voulant un velo de freeride pas trop lourd.

Stinky Air VS Stinky Deluxe reviewed in TUTTOmtb (Italy)

Con oltre 10 anni di carriera alla spalle la canadese Stinky rappresenta l'icona delle Mountain Bike da freeride. Una bici che ha saputo adeguarsi alla esigenze di un mercato in continu

Supreme Gloves reviewed in Dirt Rag

Kona's Supreme mesh-paneled glove provides maximum airflow along with all the characteristics that make a great glove.

Sutra reviewed in the Seattle Times

The bike rolls comfortably on long cruises, and is nimble enough for the stop-and-go of the city

Unit reviewed on CourierPostOnline.com

It handles bumps well considering it's fully rigid, can accelerate, climbs like a champ and carries momentum over obstacles.

Ute reviewed on bikeradar.com

Kona is getting involved early, bringing more legitimacy (and a worldwide dealer market) to the cause.

Ute reviewed on Outside online

This is my favorite, and I've ridden more than a few cargo bikes over the last six years or so.

Ute reviewed on Mountain Bike Action

Kona's Ute is as elegant as a utility bicycle can be

Ute reviewed in Singletrack

Has armchair ergonomics and can carry tons of awkwardly shaped stuff in an eccentric style

Ute reviewed on bikecarson.com

The Kona Ute is a blast to ride, and makes a great urban bike

Ute reviewed on Outside Magazine Online

a bike like the Ute can replace your dependency on having to jump in a car to make the haul

Ute reviewed on bikecarson.com

I've only yet begun to use the Ute to its full potential, but I was pretty pleased with this particular cargo. It was by no means a heavy load, but the awkwardness of it probably would've made me drive if I didn't have the cargo bike.

The Dr. Dew Files - Episode #4 - Built To Last reviewed on mtbr.com

The Doctor is at it again. This time he pounds the pavement and trails in search of old Konas that have stood the test of time.



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