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It seems kids are easily forgotten when it comes to cycling advocacy. Someone who certainly doesn't follow that path is Jim Brown of the RAD RACING junior development program. Somehow he finds a way to balance being a father of three, a full time paramedic and also look after an ever growing tribe of kids that aren't his. Of course none of this would ever be possible without the support and efforts of his most understanding wife Regina.

The RAD RACING program stresses good citizenship and giving back to community, bikes and racing as well. If you ever hit a bike race with RADs present you're guaranteed to see a crew of half-pints wadding up course tape and picking up cones long after the crowds have gone. Over the short and long term they've been able to turn out some great kids and bike racers.

The allure the program comes from it's positive energy and as a result draws to it good people. Many an anonymous parent has donated their precious time with nothing expected in return It's great to see Kona racers like Dale & Ann Knapp being drawn into it as well, as they start to wind down their illustrious careers. Dale has stepped in as the Head Coach for the program and his professionalism, both off and on the course, gives the kids a great role model.

Seems a fitting circle if you ask me. After all Jim did make the introductions of the Knapps to Kona...an event that helped spawn the Kona Factory Cyclocross Team. Kona is proud of our association with RAD RACING, we couldn't be involved with a better group of folks.

Our hats are off to their long pull at the front.



Kona BikeTown Africa

The Kona Bicycle Company has always designed bikes for specific riders' needs. In partnering with Bristol-Myers Squibb and Bicycling Magazine’s BikeTown Africa, Kona has embarked upon the design of what could be the most important bicycle the company has ever developed. This site will track the design, development and delivery of more than 200 Kona bikes, designed specifically to assist health care workers treating HIV and AIDS patients with the delivery of home health aids and services in two Botswana cities, Bobonong and the capital city of Gaborone, beginning in late March 2006.

Kona-IMBA Dirt Jump & Freeride Grants

Heading into it's fourth year, the Kona/IMBA freeride grant program’s goal is to speed the development of freeriding opportunities on public land. Grants can be used for a variety of purposes, including planning, training, funding campaigns to gain land manager approval, addressing liability concerns, trail and stunt construction, trailhead kiosks and signage, and freeride organization building. Check out the IMBA site for more info on application criteria.

Ride Earth

On the 17th June 2007, Tom, Andrew and Mark set off on their mission to circumnavigate the world on their mountain bikes, Kona Mountain bikes to be exact!

Their route will cover 50 countries from Western & Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Central Eastern and South-East Asia, Australia, South America, the USA, and Canada. 41,000 miles over four years....