Opening dates: 23rd June – 23rd September
Operating hours: 9.00 – 17.00
Main events:

23rd – 27th June 2007 “Kona Product Launch”
25th June 2007 “Nissan Big Air” (Prize money 7.000€)
27th – 28th June 2007 “Jeantex Tour Transalp”
1st July 2007 “La Pedaleda”
25th August 2007 “National Park Bike Marathon”
6th – 9th September 2007 “Free Wheel Fest”

Trails: 600 km of tours and trails
Bikepark: 1 freeride trail with several alternatives, 1 dh trail and several single trails
Lifts: Telecabin Mottolino with a potential of 3.000 person per hour
Accomodation: 13 bikehotels with dedicated services to bikers
Sponsor: Kona, Nissan, Dainese
Useful contact sites: www.mottolino.comwww.livigno.eu

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Welcome to the Kona Product Launch 2008 which will be hosted in Livigno at the end of June. This event, which is mainly addressed to distributors, dealers and press, will bring in Livigno a dirt jump event on the 25th of June. During the Nissan Big Air, some of the top riders will challenge in an amazing scenario at 2.400m close to a marvellous refuge where prior to the event will take place a BBQ. The program is as follow:


For this event the telecabin will stay opened from 5p.m. till the event closure and the price for a round trip ticket to assist the event is 5€. For more info please visit:


The town of Livigno, situated on 1800 meters above see level, stretches out along 12 kilometres with numerous shops and plenty of distraction end entertainment. A quick escape of the lively and busy atmosphere of the town is possible with a short bike ride out into the woods. Here bike enthusiasts find a dense net of single trails, which were built for bikers and therefore offer a large amount of riding pleasure. Livigno, host of the 2005 Mountainbiking World Championship, has invested a lot of work in building these trails for Mountainbikers. The trails are also rideable for less versatile riders. Together with the already existing smuggler trails, the new build tracks form a great net for any kind of mountainbiking experience. in Livigno there are plenty of activities that you can do from running to horse riding from climbing to cycling, and all of them are summarised in the following website: www.livigno.eu.

To the above Livigno adds Tax free shipping, cheap gas, great and affordable food, the finest single tracks, smuggler trails and old army roads, offering breathtaking view point embedded in between the Bernina in the Southwest and the Ortler in the East. All together, Livigno is one of the finest bike areas in the Alps.

Within this MTB contest the Kona Groove Approved Bike Park has found its natural position starting just 300m away from the pedestrian and shopping area, close to the cycling road. The telecabin Mottolino, with a potential of 3.000 person per hour, allows to fit comfortably 3 bikes and 3 people on the same telecabin and takes you up to 2.400m covering 600m of vertical ascent. The arrival station offers you an amazing sightseeing of Livigno which lay for 15km on the bottom of the valley. From here you can access all the bike parks trail and the dirt jump training area:
Downhill course : it has been challenging enough for the Word Championships, so it should be challenging enough for all expert riders as well. Fabien Barell had just under 4 minutes to claim his second World Championship title.
Freeride courses: It’s flow, flow, flow, full of banked turns, tables and small doubles. For intermediate riders and anyone who’s looking for style and flow. Left, right, left, right... The freeride course has been enriched with a variety of new doubles and other obstacles, so you can pick your own line for your own style. In the lower half the freeride course takes some brand new turns guiding you through the woods, all the way down to the departure of the telecabine. After this ride, that’s exactly where you want to be. You will be quoting the campers, eating marshmallows and chocolate at the fireplace: “ I want more!”
4 trail loops: easy singletrails for the intermediate riders, combine fluent downhill with back country riding
Visit our website www.mottolino.com to get more precise info about each trail!


Kids are in between 6 and 12 years old. Please check out the following link to have a full price description http://www.mottolino.com/estate/eng/info/prezzi.php.


In order to better welcome bikers in Livigno we set up several promotional packages that will fully satisfy your needs. Our offers cover both the needs of who wants to try for the first time the freeride experience giving him the chance to rent everything and the needs as well of experienced riders who want to spend some day in Livigno. In this case we had several bikehotels who joined our promotions and are waiting to welcome you in their comfortable structures. Check out the last promotions at the following link:
On our website you’ll find all the information that you need to organize your trip.



At the following link http://www.mottolino.com/estate/eng/info/dove.php you’ll find all the necessary information to reach Livigno by plane, by train or by car.


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