Town Centre Park, Coquitlam B.C.

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Located Approx 30 Km east of Vancouver B.C., For more detailed
directions, check out: http://www.pipelinebikepark.com/the-park.php

The Bike Park:

Pipeline Bike Park is a Dirt Skills park located in Coquitlam, Britishx
Columbia about 30 km east of Vancouver. The Mission behind the Park is to
have a place where people can go to ride, relax, and work on their skills.
We have a huge following of riders that come to the park to ride. The park
and associated club have been established for 4 years. The park consists of
dirt jumps and a 4x/BMX racing track.

Pipeline actually originated from a set of rogue dirt jumps in the centre of
Town Centre Park. The city built the park to encompass various leisure
activities from Tennis, to Baseball, to Skateboarding. But there was a small
forested area that housed illegal jumps that were constantly being torn down
by the city and rebuilt by the local kids. It took some negotiation by local
interested parents and riders to actually turn the area into a freeride bike

The City of Coquitlam stepped up to the plate to form the park and build it
to keep it safe and well maintained. The Pipeline Bike Club was formed to
carry out maintenance and organize grassroots and even provincial events.

Since 2003, the park has evolved into a benchmark for dirt parks all over
Canada. All of the Maintenance, Event Promotion and Park Development 100%
volunteer, and all funds are raised through local events and organizations.
The Club consists of a 4 member executive, and a website for news, events,
and pictures. (www.pipelinebikepark.com )


4x Racing Track
5 Lines of Dirt Jumps to challenge riders as their skills develop (Beginner
to Pro).
100' Pump Track

The groups that usually frequent the park consist of riders aged 11 all the
way up to 40. Mountain Bike Racers, BMX Racers, Dirt Jumpers, and anyone who
is looking for a free place to ride their bike, watch other riders, and
increase their skill.

2007 Featured Events:

5 Race Club Pump Racing Series
6 Race Club 4x Outdoor Series
5 Race Club 4x Indoor Series (Held at Abbotsford BMX)




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